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Professional Consulting Services in Computer Network Security, System Integration,
Banking Technology, and Client/Server/Terminal Server Environments
A Reputation for Excellence in Networking and Integration

Professional Services

Our focus on providing secure computer network services includes these areas of expertise:

Network Security Analysis and Network Security Improvement
Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, DoS attacks, external intrusion, internal extrusion, hackers, passwords, firewalls - the list of security-related vulnerabilities keeps growing as the Internet becomes a bigger part of everyday business.  What's your strategy for dealing with current security threats?  We can analyze your exposure and implement a network security plan.

Company/Office-wide Internet Security and E-Mail Security
Call TPSYS for professional firewall setup with automatic notification of intrusions.  For email, Microsoft Exchange is a powerful product, but there are much less expensive alternatives that are easier to manage.

LAN/WAN Networks - Windows Terminal Services, Windows Terminal Servers
This category includes network administration (including Cisco routed networks, and Windows 10/Server 2016/2019 networks), file and print services, backup strategy, security, and other support activities.  Contact us for rare expertise in installation and deployment of Windows Terminal Services and Windows Terminal Servers for fast, efficient remote access between the home office and branch offices or mobile users.

Business Management Applications
Business management applications are company-wide, third-party, networked applications that are specifically tailored to a particular type of business.  Examples can be found in many professions, including medicine, law, finance, insurance,  and retail.

Point-of-Sale (POS) and Retail Systems
Bar code, cash register, and inventory database solutions for retail business are becoming more Internet-dependent and open to increased security threats.  Retail businesses cannot afford to be taken down by a security event.

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